What is graveyard art?

The graveyards of New Orleans are filled with novel opportunities for photography and many of us go there on sunny days or dreary, depending on our moods and needs. Despite this, you will find few artists who focus on graveyards as a photographic specialty. Why? It doesn't pay the bills.

Still life, or rather death, awaits every Saturday, typically from 9 til 2 in the oldest graveyards. This is where the most unique mausoleums loom. This is where I am often found, week after week, trying to capture "Iron Patrick" or "Armorgrodon" in a perfect photo. In my collection you will find, I hope, a strong bent towards juxtaposition and contrast. I am trying for themes, using something smaller than a sledge but often bigger than a ball pin, to hit you over the head with.

Perhaps you'll find something you can't live without. See the ART FOR SALE pages for prices and Paypal instructions.

Monday, April 12, 2010